Monday, July 7, 2008

How To Lose 5 lbs Every 10 Days, Guaranteed

How to lose 5 lbs every 10 days

After living my life in a body I hated for a very long time, I decided to do something about it. But time after time I failed. Again and again whatever I tried never gave me the ability to shed the unwanted weight I was carrying around with me everyday. After all my experience I can tell you that some things just DON'T work.

- Low Fat Diets: These things have been around for years, my mother use to tell me about them when I was a kid! I have been told anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has tried one of these yet American's gain more weight year after year, need more proof? Didn't think so.

- Low Carb Diets: Here's the latest "craze" losers attempted to use, but these are way to difficult, strict, and nearly impossible to do. In most meals there is carbohydrates so you can say goodbye to most of the dishes you like if you want to even attempt one of these diets.

- Low Calorie Diets: This is stupidity, as these actually help you put on weight, yet most are still unaware or this. No wonder why most people fail with these.

- Dieting Programs: You can give these a shot, but the only thing you'll lose is money, not weight! To be honest, these work but take extremely long periods of time to see results. So chances are you will lose motivation before shedding any weight, like 92% of other people.

If you really want to know the truth, I can tell you the reasons your overweight (If you don't want to know cross this page off now!).

The stuff you're doing wrong will include...

- Incorrect Eating Patterns

- Incorrect Calories In Your Meals

- Incorrect Foods

I want you to really listen to me, because I want to change the way you think about losing weight...

FORGET about exercise and diet pills! Before you punch your screen, let me clarify. The type of FOOD is actually what determines if you are IN SHAPE or FAT. Us humans live on food, how do you expect your body to run on pills or shakes? The reason your fat is not because you don't take diet pills or exercise, but rather because you are not eating the right foods at proper times daily.

Your body is like a "system" which needs particular types of foods at particular times. THAT IS IT! And if you don't do this, your "system" will transform calories > fat tissues. (I'm sure this makes sense to you, and I'll give you more details in a second.)

FACT: You ate the improper foods at improper times to get overweight. You can get in shape simply by doing the exact opposite.

MYTH: Taking unhealthy diet pills, running for your life, or not eating have absolutely nothing to do with fat loss.

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Jeff Iversen said...

Hey Christina,

I agree that the traditional and fad diets will do nothing for you. Here are a few of my posts that touch on this subject too.

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