Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pros and Cons of the 'Atkins' and 'South Beach' Diets

A lot of diets have their down sides, but none can match the controversy created by the Atkins diet. And the South Beach diet has started becoming popular among many Americans. I'm going o tell you the pros and cons of each diet (trust me, I have been there!) in plain, easy to understand terms.

Lets start with the 'Atkins' diet...

It does actually work! Believe it or not if stuck by strictly, weight loss can be achieved. As proved by two of my family members. There are also many case studies to support its success as well.

You get to eat foods that are not usually allowed in most modern day diets like ice cream, cheese and meat.

Noted improvement of blood lipid profiles.

Low carb, say goodbye to rice, pasta, potatoes. This is a lot of peoples staple diet.

Puts stress on body, especially at the start.

More and more low carb products available. Meaning easier to access which results in dieters buying and eating more food, making weight loss hard to achieve.

Now the 'South Beach' diet...

Demand is low for saturated fats.

Very simple, no need to count, not much measuring. Just pick foods from a list.

Pushes you your own way, makes you experiment with different foods.

The first phase of the diet is very strict, if you have trouble sticking to things, this will test your limits.

There are some inconsistencies, like not telling you portion sizes for meals but making you count out nuts.

An extreme to the first con, it may not have enough structure for a lot of people. Instead encouraging people to go their own way and make their own decisions.


Both diets have their ups and downs, but when it comes down to it, the best diet to choose is the one you will stick with.

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